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Here’s a (not so funny) funny story! In October of 2016, I started this blog. Heart, soul, and hours into outfits, photography, design, and posts. Then a year later, life got busy and the blog took the back-burner. It went into redemption and I lost ALL of my precious files (BACKUP YOUR WORK, PEOPLE). Posts, boutique, themes, all gone and I had to start from scratch.

Honestly though, it’s been a blessing in disguise. Since I found out I was becoming a mommy, I had big thoughts for redesigning my blog and niche. Being a young mother with a passion for clothes and style, I wanted to meld the two together. A big priority on my list was not losing my sense of style (especially while I’m still young!) while also working it as a mom. I also wanted to give this advice about style and what I’ve learned as a mom to others. More about me and what I want to contribute to my readers in my¬†About Page!