About Me

Who I Am and About Me:

The name is Sierra Harvey. I’m a first time mommy who has a passion for all things fashion and beauty. I like my clothes, I like my cosmetics, and I love my baby. I’m a young momma, pregnant with my first, into my 21st year on this planet and I don’t believe that once you enter mommy-hood, you should have to sacrifice your passion for fashion. I’m here to help you (and myself!) figure out how to continue expressing ourselves through our clothing while balancing budget and baby (and the exhaustion that comes with it!). Apart from fashion, I want to give both young, new mommies and those veteran mommas a place to come for advice and answers to all their questions and worries that I know I had (and am still finding!). My goal for this blog is to create a community for like-minded women to feel wanted and safe and confident in themselves and to build each other up in this new and continued adventure we’ve begun!

My Background:

I currently work as a secretary/receptionist, a substitute teacher, and as a model and working talent represented by Wilhelmina Denver. But I live in the middle of Wyoming. Clothing and cosmetics have long been my chosen outlet of expressing myself (I was voted Best Dressed in high school, no biggie 😂). Now that I’m becoming a mother, I feel like there has always been a non-spoken, common mindset among women that there is a certain way mothers should dress, especially young mothers. Like you need to look like a mother. But I feel that there are ways to show your maturity in growing into this new role as well as working the street like your runway. So let’s get creative, let’s get experimental, and let’s raise these babes with self-confidence!

Want to get to know me a little more? Email me at illicitlychicsierra [at] gmail [dot] com.