Tips for Surviving the Third Trimester

Hallelujah! Third Trimester, here we are! It took a few weeks in, but I’ve finally been able to ignore my anti-nausea. The first few weeks of the Third were horrid, though. Now this is like a whole other experience than the first two! Baby is big and moving and constantly kicking (hello rib pains!) and I’m finally able to be out and about without wanting to fall asleep standing up. AND YET, I’m still not out of the clear of all of these crazy pregnancy symptoms. So here’s what, in addition to some of the First Trimester and Second Trimester tips, I’ve had to do for my Third Trimester.


I will always start with this one. Water has taken on a whole new purpose for me (besides the usual ones) this trimester. I’ve had TWO UTIs this pregnancy. TWO. So as much as I stress water, you need to be stressing it ten-fold. Because obviously I didn’t stress it even enough for myself. This water bottle was a lifesaver though, it’s 32 ounces (with the tick marks to show you!).Now, I’m pretty prone to UTIs in general (I’ve had two before in my short life) and pregnant women are more susceptible to them, but they can be alleviated if not avoided by downing your water and making it a priority. That and drinking cranberry juice. 😉


Now that I can eat, I find myself getting hangry at aaaaallll times of the day. And just like the other trimesters, I get sick when I get hungry. So I’ve found it a necessity to keep little snacks hidden around where I spend my time. At work in a drawer, on the side table next to my nest on the couch and bed, and something always, always in my coat pocket. And not silly snacks either. I try to keep things like almonds, tasty crackers, or the occasional Snickers nearby so I’m also getting some sort of boost from it.

Adequate Night Rest:

This time I’m not talking about sitting or laying down when you get a little fatigued from doing the dishes. I’m talking about getting your beauty sleep while you still can! Not only will this help you with added energy and drive, but it’s one of the smallest ways you can love on yourself and pamper yourself before your little one keeps you up at all hours of the night. Not that it’s going to be hard for you to say “Ok, I’m done for the day, time to go to sleep.” but it will help your body get into somewhat of a routine for when those uncomfortable (and I mean uncomfortable) nights come right before baby. You know, where your belly is always in the way and you can’t roll over gracefully and you’re having all the strangest stretches and pains keeping you up. Maybe pick a time that’s a half hour before your usual bedtime to start winding down/making up for that half hour or more you’re going to lose from those uncomfortable times.

Belly Pillows:

Speaking of uncomfortable, laying down is rough with this new belly. You can’t lay on your belly or your back, so you’re left with a hanging belly on your side. Now I’ve never used a pregnancy pillow or a body pillow (body pillows absorb all my body heat and make me hot as heeeecckkk), so I’ve just been using little throw pillows like these. They are SOOO comfortable, I’m not exaggerating. They’re just the right height to hold my belly up without pushing it too far and they’re small enough to be on both sides of me without shoving my husband off the bed. (My wandering legs are another story).

These are all pretty general preparing-for-baby tips, but they’ve truly helped me to navigate this last stretch before babe’s arrival! Yes, they sound like the human necessities, and really they are, but they’re more fine-tuned and will really help keep you as comfortable as possible in these last weeks! What was your Third Trimester savior?

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