Tips for Surviving Your Second Trimester

I did it! I’ve made it through the first trimester. If you’re still there, check out this post about surviving the First Trimester! This second trimester has brought on its own set of challenges though. I have noticeably more energy and only get real sick at certain times of the day, almost to the minute every time. But with that, I get fatigued faster. I’m kind of a go go go person so once I started feeling decent during the day I thought, “Hey, I can do all the things!” Not the case. Here’s a list of what’s gotten me through this second trimester.


I seriously cannot stress how important this is. You need it, baby needs it, it just makes everything better. You won’t swell as much, your joints will be more fluid, you’ll have an easier time going (let’s be real, this is all of our concern) and it helps transport all the goodies to the little babe growing inside you. Like I said in my Surviving the First Trimester post, I found that room temperature water was easier for me to get down than ice cold. Not sure why, it just is. So get yourself a giant water bottle (my in-laws got me this one) to track your water intake and push to drink as much as you can!


These. They’re basically the same as sucking on any ole hard candy, but these also have the added benefit of essential oils in them. Plus they’re a little on the sour side, which I love. And they were super cheap! These were my savior when we were driving through the mountains and I was getting carsick! They take a while to dissolve and ended up taking the edge off my nausea for about two hours before it would come back and it was time to take my anti-nausea.

Brushing my teeth:

Ok this seems silly. Of course you’re going to brush your teeth. But seriously, I found that when I would get nauseous, it was in part because there was a bad taste on my tongue. So I would go brush with some minty toothpaste (being careful about going too far on my tongue!) and I would start feeling a bit better. Be wary though, my sister-in-law would get even more sick when she would brush her teeth, so it may not be for everyone! But I think the trick is that you need a minty flavored toothpaste. Mint is a natural remedy for nausea so the mix of that and getting all that nasty bacteria out of your mouth is helpful.

Get off the couch. Or bed.:

This is oh so important too. I know we’re tired. I know we’re sick. But you have to do something. Even going for a short, slow walk is better than nothing. And when I say slow walk, I mean it! I always have to tell my husband to slow down because he’s walking faster than my little bump can take! It gets your blood flowing, takes your mind off of the symptoms you’re having, and is super good for the baby’s growth.

But don’t forget to rest:

Along with getting a little blood flowing, you need to remember to take the time to rest. Like I said, I thought that once I was feeling a little better I could do all the things! Nay. I would start nesting, cleaning (we were in the middle of moving houses) and then I would just crash. I’d get super sick and just have to lay down until it all passed again. Now is not the time to push your body to its limit! Be conscious of how you’re working your body and listen to it when it tells you to start winding down.

So there you have it! You’re halfway through this new and exciting (and sickening!) time! I hope these little tricks help you to stay up and feel a bit better than you might have been feeling. Mix and test which ones work for you and let me know in the comments what you tried!

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