Who I Am

screen-shot-2016-07-17-at-6-30-14-pmThe name is Sierra Harvey (until recently, Sierra Schmidt *insert ring emoji* yay!), creator of Illicitly Chic. First and foremost, I’m a Christian. I’m also a model and working talent represented by Wilhelmina Denver in, you guessed it! Denver, Colorado. But I don’t actually live there. I’m just a small-town girl in the middle of Wyoming with a soul grounded somewhere in the middle of a city. Preferably with a beach nearby.

That being said, there aren’t many outlets aside from church on Sundays, the occasional trip to the nearest Wal-Mart (an hour away), or dinner with the man to gussy up and express my style. Cue side-glances and eye rolls from simplistic, Wyoming passersby at my three-inch, lace-up booties and fire red, peplum minidress. I have aspirations to one day live in a place where the nearest town is closer than 32 miles away and there’s a few more options for a night out than the one-screen cinema or driving a main, which takes all but ten minutes. Now, don’t get me wrong, it really is a lovely town, but I just don’t belong here. And my style is a testimony to that.

Remember how I said my soul is rooted somewhere in the middle of a city with a beach nearby? My style can be described this way as well; it’s like a free spirit who wears a lot of high-waisted denim and flat-soled shoes to spend a morning in the sand but also likes to throw on some leather and six-inch stilettos for a night on the town. In this blog you’ll find my fashion diary documenting these outfits, ways for you to incorporate those styles and experiment, and a place to shop my looks. I’ll also be posting online shopping reviews to let you know which ones are the real deal. Questions, comments, concerns? Or just want to get to know me more? Check out my contact me page!