White Denim And Off-The-Shoulder Sweater


If we can be honest with each other, this week has been crazy and I’m literally riding the deadline of getting this post done in time to publish. I just started substitute teaching this last week and it’s actually been quite enjoyable! I’ve subbed some middle school and some high school so far and I’ve impressed myself with my newfound ability to hold down a bunch of rowdy students haha! (If you’re my student and reading this, take it lightly 😉 )


What’s even better about getting this job is that I can leave the house and not sit in sweatpants all day. I mean, not that I have to stay in sweats all day, I just didn’t see the point in dressing up only to put my pajamas on at night. Now I can wear heels and colored denim all day, every day. Like these babies! With this light brown, off-the-shoulder sweater and those dark brown boots again. Happy Hump Day y’all.


Sweater: Maurices

Jeans: Alloy Apparel

Shoes: Similar here