Simple Layers

So it seems that Fall lasts all but a few weeks here in Wyoming. Not to mention that it snowed back in September already, we just had another snow-dusting last night. I absolutely love the look of snow and how pretty it makes everything when it’s fresh. My favorite part is watching it fall at night in the street lights. There’s something about it that seems so fantastical. But I hate being cold and I hate driving in it so it’s nice this time of year that by noon, it’s all melted again so all you need are some simple layers.

With Wyoming weather being so bipolar, you almost have to layer. Unless you want to freeze in the morning or be a puddle by the afternoon. My go-to is a simple v-neck tee (which you’ll learn is 80% of my wardrobe) under a medium or light jacket. I’m also in love with combat boots, although I only own one pair at the moment. I’m looking to buy a black pair like these soon.



sierra_blog_1_0034Shirt: Forever 21

Jacket: I know I got this on sale, but I can’t find it online anymore so here’s another cute one!

Jeans: Similar here

Boots: I bought the last pair of these from a company on Pinterest, but here’s some similar on Amazon