MIA For Thanksgiving: My Hectic Week


I’m no food photographer, but this meal deserved it.


Sorry I’ve been MIA! This whole last week has been super crazy. {Also a disclaimer, this post is long with lots of pictures 🙂 } We traveled to South Dakota to see my family over the Thanksgiving break which was oh so lovely. Since I don’t live in the same state, we have to do Christmas and Thanksgiving all at the same time so we can spend the other holiday with my man’s family. My mom and my dad only live about 40 minutes away from each other, so it made splitting the break super easy. We traveled from Wyoming and picked up my nieces along the way to take them back to see their mom (my sister, obviously) and it was a super nice trip!


Thanksgiving Day vibes

I also got a position as an assistant coach with the high school basketball team, which is something I’m super excited about! I did varsity sports all through my high school career and I’m stoked to be able to be a part of it again with such an amazing group of staff and players. I’m the youngest of the coaches which makes me the guinea pig for demonstrations and I’ve certainly found out that I’m quite out of shape! Think roughly six defensive slides and my hip flexors have been sore for about three days.


The man trying to teach me to pose in front of the tree.


And also demonstrating his photography angle skills.

For many of you who follow my blog, you know that I have a scouting competition coming up in January called IMTA and that I’ve been making my trips to Denver in preparation of it. I just had another trip on Wednesday to go over commercial scripts and the makeup competition and I’m pleasantly surprised at how kind the group of girls I’m going with is! Everyone is so interested in the others succeeding and it’s just so nice. T-minus 30 days until we head out on this adventure!


Taught my niece a thing or two about the guitar!


Mi Madre.

In addition to all of this, I also started a new side job online! It takes up quite a bit of my time and it’s exactly what I need to fit in with my schedule. With having to travel to Denver and not know what’s coming after January, subbing and online work is super flexible and allows me to work when I need to. So in conclusion, you can see that my week has been super hectic in the best way possible and I apologize once more for being MIA! I hope everyone else had a fantastic Thanksgiving break as well! Let me know what you did in the comments 🙂


On my dad’s side, we always do a White Elephant gift exchange and the goal this year was to come up with the most creative wrapping paper. Hence all the grocery bags.