May Wish List

I’ve decided to get a new monthly post going! All about what I’m drooling over in the current month. Obviously there’s too many things for me to put in one post, so I’ll narrow each month down to a top five that I’m wishing for the most. And the beginning of May is our very first wish list!

Spring is underway and I’m all about the majority of the trends floating around. Particularly these high waisted fishnets that you layer under destroyed jeans (insert heart-eyes emoji here). This look is so freaking edgy and I’m not sure if I can pull it off, but I want to try. Plus, we have some available in Illicitly Chic’s Boutique here!

Wide Fishnet Tights


Fishnet Crew Socks

And on the topic of fishnets, I also am loving the fishnet socks! I’m not sure how practical or comfortable these actually are but they look dang good peeking out from under some rolled boyfriend jeans and Vans.

Fluffy Slides

This is one piece I NEVER thought I would even remotely like. I’ve seen the slide trend all over and I just never could get into it as a fashion piece. I’ve done sports all my life, so I associate them with baggy sweats, no makeup, and feeling like death. BUT THESE. And they’re pink! I hate pink! Yet, I was still drawn to these when I saw them on the boutique, All Heel The Queen. Maybe it’s worth a shot?..If all else fails, they’ll look good walking around my house at night when my feet get cold.


Switching over to beauty, I’m still trying to get my hands on the Anastasia Beverly Hills x Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit (insert yet another heart-eyes emoji here) I am a lover of highlight. If I don’t put anything else on my face, I still put highlight. I love the glowy look, I love the reflects, I love everything about it. And this one is just gawgeous. Simply gawgeous.



And last but not least, I’m really looking for another foundation and I don’t want it to be matte this time. I’ve heard rave reviews about L’Oreal’s Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation and I’m thinking that’s what I’m going with next. I have a hard time buying color online (even though I could probably just go with the lightest shade and be perfect) so I’d really like to get in-store and check these out.


And that concludes our first round of Monthly Wish List! My goal is to buy one product each month from my wish list and give it a try, so hopefully that can be accomplished 😉 Until next time loves xx

  • Vickie Schmidt

    You could definitely pull off the fishnet look!!!