L’oreal Air Dry It Wave Swept Spray Review & GRWM

I have a heart that craves the ocean. So when wouldn’t I jump at the opportunity for my hair to have beachy waves while stuck in the end of a Wyoming winter? Enter L’oreal Air Dry It Wave Swept Spray! It’s one product of three in a line designed to give your hair a break from your usual heat styling tools and allows you to style your hair and air dry it. Hence the name. But the real question is does it work? Furthermore, will it work on your hair type? Well, here’s my video review/get ready with me that shows you how it works! And if you don’t feel like listening to me ramble, scroll down for the typed review 🙂

First things first, I did get this L’Oreal Wave Swept Spray complimentary from Influenster and I know that turns a lot of people off and they don’t believe the reviews are honest, but I swear to you that if a product really is terrible, I will always tell you truthfully. So these opinions are totally my own about my personal experience using this product. Next, I have combination hair, which means that the under layers of my hair are curly/wavy and the top layers are almost dead straight. So this product was perfect to review for different hair types.

How to use it:


First, I sectioned out the bottom layer of my hair and clipped the rest on top of my head. I sprayed a pretty generous amount on my strands, combed it in with my fingers, and then scrunched it up to my scalp in my hands. I did this for each layer of my hair. They give a tip that if your hair is straight then you should braid it. So I left the under layers alone while I french braided (horribly, as you can see in the video) the straight top layer. I let it air dry for probably an hour or two (because I have so much hair and it’s pretty thick) which gave me time to do my GRWM (up yonder in my video as well!). After I finished my makeup, I took my braid out and combed it through *lightly!* with my fingers.My Thoughts on the Product

So does it work? Yes! Overall, it was a great product especially for the price ($4.99!).

Some pros on the product:

  1. It doesn’t leave residue and is super soft and touchable when it dries.
  2. Helps resist frizz (though mine was a little frizzy due to the sort of roughness I used when scrunching, taking out my braid, and just being too lazy to tame it before it dried ha).
  3. It smells fantastic (the man thought I put perfume on!)
  4. I found that it adds volume to your hair and gives you really bouncy waves.

Some cons:

  1. I left a couple strands of my straight hair out of the braid to see what it might do. The answer is absolutely nothing. So if you have straight hair you must braid it.
  2. I felt that I had to use a pretty large amount of the product but I also wanted to make sure that for my review, I was getting the best result I could so you probably don’t have to use as much as I did.


Would I recommend this L’Oreal Wave Swept Spray to you? As evidenced by my review, I obviously would. You can find it here. It really did give me gorgeous waves in the end. Would you be willing to give this product a try? And if you have, let me know in the comments how your experience was!