Feed Me Friday

Welcome to the brand new Feed Me Friday. On which, I will be talking food because I love it so much. So I’ve talked about this in at least my last three posts- I went to LA for a casting competition! Now we didn’t get to leave the hotel and experience that much of the City of Angels because we were SO busy all day, every day, but luckily the hotel we stayed at, the Westin Bonaventure, was located smack in the middle of downtown. Three things about this hotel: 1) It was gorgeous inside and out. 2) You didn’t actually have to leave the hotel to eat because they had a mini food court that occupied a whole floor. 3) You could walk a block from this place and see so many amazing things in just that short amount of time. Maybe they were only amazing because I’m from Wyoming, but I don’t care. So the one day I got to leave to go eat out of the hotel was super exciting. It was only like a ten minute walk and we’d heard rave reviews about this place.

I’m a sucker for sushi. I believe that if I ever ate bad sushi, I would still love it as much as I do now. So we headed to Sugarfish and Oh. My. Goodness. It was hands down the best sushi I’ve ever had and the service was exceptional as well. If you don’t know much about sushi terms, that’s fine. I highly recommend starting with the Trust Me. (Or if you’re not as hungry, the Trust Me Lite). It’s exactly what it’s name says, they bring out their best and most requested pieces in waves and you have to trust them that they’ll be delicious. Which they are. One thing I thoroughly enjoyed about them is that they bring out your dish as soon as it’s ready which means it doesn’t get cold and you eat it almost as soon as it’s finished getting prepared. So if the other two people at your table got theirs and you’re waiting on yours, don’t worry IT IS COMING, patience makes it taste even better 😉 The rice is warm and melts in your mouth and the fish is the most satisfying consistency, you can taste how fresh it is.

On the subject of drinks, my entire table ordered green tea. Now I always get tea when I go out because I’m not a fan of pop and want a little more than water, but when this green tea came out I was like “Whoa, that’s really green tea. One sip and I was in love. You could taste the freshness of the leaves and it was so light and crisp. I even got a to-go cup to take with me! So next time you’re in downtown LA, I highly recommend stopping by Sugarfish. The wait was only about 15 minutes and was well worth it!


What restaurants do you recommend in LA?