Dressing For That Awkward Christmas Party

It’s holiday party season! Or so I hear. 😉 My sister-in-law brought to my attention that some people (me) don’t know how to not go all-out for said parties. In sequins and heels and the likes. And some people (her) aren’t comfortable wearing any of those things out, including color, which I identify with xD Parties are just awkward. So she helped me pick out an outfit from my clothes that she, and like-minded people, would feel comfortable wearing out.

For starters, pick a flat, comfortable shoe. Tall boots are even better because then you don’t have to worry about them, to your embarrassment, slipping off while you walk through a room crowded with people and falling on your face. Some of us might do that on the regular no matter what shoes you’re wearing, but this slims the chances.

Next, muted colors are always a safe bet at parties. One: because they’re classic and you honestly can’t go wrong with black. Two: it draws less attention to you than a bold red would. Now this is a Christmas party we’re talking about, so we pulled in a dark green to match the festivities! (Plus the dark color and sweater material mask the nervous sweats, amirite?)

My sister-in-law also wears glasses on the daily (as do I, surprise!) so I kept them on in these photos. I personally think glasses give you a warm, welcoming feel and obviously if you wear them daily and need them, you’re going to want to wear them out to feel most comfortable. You don’t want to be reading with your nose to the paper while someone is trying to talk to you.

Now there’s something really cool about this sweater. If you look at these pictures, each one has a different neckline. Those huge metal buttons snap to different places and you can mix and match however you like! Seriously, how cool is that? So if you’re ok with a bare chest or have an awesome necklace you want to show off, leave it open. If you like the more closed and covered feel, button her up! So if you have an article of clothing that has something unique about it, wear it! Then you don’t have to initiate any conversation, others will do it for you 😉

So, quick review. Stick to flat shoes. Keep your colors muted (but still in theme!). Find a piece that has something quirky about it.


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