Classy Vs. Edgy for NYE

In my previous post, I talked about how I don’t know how to not go all out in sparkles and the likes for special occasions. Well, here’s example A. In years past, I haven’t done much for New Year’s Eve apart from eating a super casual supper at a close family friend’s house, but I’m hoping in the next few years my social life will pick up 😂

This year will be super special because a friend of ours is getting married New Year’s Eve! How adorable is that?? So whether I want to or not, I’m dressing up that day. For this post, we never really came up with themain theme for it until we were actually shooting it. I had two different pairs of heels in my car and we couldn’t decide which ones to choose for this particular look. Then my photographer/sister-in-law/genius was like, “Well those shoes give more of a classy vibe and those look more edgy. You could do two looks.” And then I heard a chorus of angels.


So this post is all about how shoes can change the look (and feel!) of an outfit. Legit when we were shooting, I felt super elegant with my hair back and those simple pointy-toed heels and immediately changed to feeling fierce when I put on my six-inch stilettos. So when you’re choosing your shoes for your outfit, imagine how you want to feel walking into the room. Do you want people to be like, “Dang, she’s like red-lip classic.” or “Dang, she’s fierce and fearless.” Either way they’ll be like “Dang, she looks good.” 😉


For the classic look, like I said, a classic pointed-toe heel or regular pump is perfect. It’s simple, sleek, and isn’t too distracting. It pairs with anything. A short heel gives off a more refined look while also staying comfortable if you’re going to be standing in a room with a lot of people for a long amount of time.

For an edgy look, go for something unexpected, like straps or studs. Black automatically gives off an edgy vibe and adding any variables like that can amp it up a little more. Obviously a six inch heel is a must 😉 (just jokes, wear what you’re comfortable in). But when looking for a taller heel, pay attention to the platform as well. Instead of torturing your feet with a 60 degree angle from toe to heel, look for a platform that brings your toes higher to your heel.

What are your looks for this New Year’s Eve? Let’s chat in the comments, I’d love to see them!

Dress: PromGirl (similar here)

T-Strap Heels: Alloy Apparel (similar here)

Platform Heels

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