Chunky Knits

It’s a bit nippy outside today and I’m all about breaking out the sweaters. I have two favorite kinds of sweaters: chunky knits and animal sweaters (you know, the ones with cats also wearing sweaters or pandas on them). But the latter is for another day.



When I was younger, all I wanted were form-fitting clothes because I didn’t want to look frumpy. Nowadays, I’m all about baggy tops because I learned secrets to make them look less like a garbage bag and more like a chic outfit. And loose is just so much more comfy! These sleeves go past my hands so I rolled them twice. Just enough to get them off my wrists but long enough to where they’re below my elbow. I also love tucking shirts in in the front and this works well with this sweater so you can still see I have a waist and hips in there.




Glasses: Warby Parker

Sweater: Thrifting find! There are so many good sweaters at thrifts

Jeans: An old pair of Twenty One Black jeans