And So It Begins!

I’ve been tossing back and forth the idea of starting a blog for a few months now, but then Fall rolled in and BAM! I said to myself, “I’m really gonna do this.” I couldn’t sleep that first night at all because ideas for posts and outfits kept flooding my head and I was afraid I would forget them if I fell asleep (which happens quite often). But lo and behold, here is my first post! I’m not a fan of blog posts that ramble on and on about something that could be said in half the time, so I’ll be getting straight to the point. Grab your tights, ladies.sierra_0182

Now, I can’t express how much I’ve fallen in love with the look of tights in the last year. The sheer look is so classy. And if you’re as white as me, they cover that white with a nice tint. 😉 You can style them feminine or you can push them a little on the edgier side. And in this season, they also give you a layer between your legs and the cool air so you can still wear dresses and such. WIN. 

I was feeling the minimalist vibe today so I just went with this simple look.sierra_0203



Shirt dress: Family Dollar; look for those discounts ladies!

Tights: JCPenny

Shoes: Zappos

Seriously go find you a pair. Or five.